Slapshock Latest Gig

Feb. 9 Sat. - SM Clark, Pampanga (Acoustic Performance)

Feb. 12 Tues. - U.P. Diliman Fair, Sunken Garden

Feb. 16 Sat. - U.P. Diliman Fair, Sunken Garden

Feb. 17 Sunday - Sta. Lucia East Mall (Acoustic Performance)

Feb. 27 Wed. - Lee and Chi's Bday Gig and Slap Send-Off Party @ MAYRIC'SMarch 1 Sat. - Mariveles, Bataan

March 7 Fri. - DUBAI DESERT ROCK FEST '08, Dubai Festival City, United Arab Emirates

Razorback Profile

Founded in 1990, the group Razorback began when two hormonally charged guitarists, Tirso Ripoll and David Aguirre, and drummer Miguel Ortigas decided it was time to leave their rooms locked and begin to make a Snowshoeing in public. Join the kids were axemen singer Mari Jose Cuervo (no relation to the drink, even if his singing has left spectators while intoxicated), bass blaster Louie Talan (then and now, the most reluctant boy Razorback).

From the beginning, Razorback had a reputation following through their dense yet blistering and live performances. There is no escape from the twin dynamics of terror and Tirso de David, whose guitar duo attack may recall the Allman Brothers or Lynyrd Skynyrd still remain an unusual sight in the Pinoy music scene. Yet there is nothing like the intensity of all Razorbunch, torrential noise, making them to begin some time in the form of joint-shaking, and calls on the fixture So thriving, but Makati defunct club called Kalye.

Like most groups, the first Razorback helped themselves to cover their memories musical icons, in their case, monsters 70 years such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, and the band Juan Dela Cruz. This at a time when the so-called alternative music scene was about to explode, Razorback becomes a real alternative right time for the flood of bands of monkeys to Nirvana.

As in past years has played on 90 Razorbacks accumulated a lot of experience, a lot of music, a major exhibition, and a lot of alcohol. Finally realizing that they were not a showband, these sonic swine began writing his own songs, their first tried responsible for the intensity that have made their phonetic ancestors proud. Incessante and play the song has become the norm for members of the band, resulting in this rich riff originals as Tabi ng Bulkan, Giyang, and Pepe the Hepe. Yet, in some ways mimicking the band's struggle to gain respect among their peers and themselves, it took five years for the first album Razorback to escape the slaughterhouse. Hebigat Sounds Volume One was finally unleashed, symbolic of a gang who, after a long and arduous climb, finally reached the summits and planted the flag of theirs so that the world - or at least Philippine listeners - a look .

Of course, like any climb, Razorback is not without bruising, damage, or at least some changes. For one thing, even before Hebigat got out, Jose Mari had decided to make a forced landing rock 'n' roll lifestyle, and consequently the tape. Shortly after
Kevin Roy took the howling chores, Miguel books division in mars'96 thus choose to take another musical direction. Razorback regained composure once Brian Velasco took over the skins, in accordance history -- Along with the other members "pre-Razorback live experience: as in any. Years have also seen Tirso from bemoustached and the beard horribly beardless and rear, Kevin shaved their heads together for a kiss it, cooler-than-Butt-head look, David and Louie have their own tresses shortcut surprising, and indeed the entire group out of its shell-rock classic by digging what other riches from the world of music has to offer.

Their penchant for the epic, can you-keep-up - with-us performance found an outlet in their practice succeeding the album, the most ambitious 1997 album Beggar's Moon. Significantly more confident than ever, the quake-inducing quintet were regularly show their musical and lyrical strengths to the handle, as well as a commitment to ease their minds and hands. The result is a range of songs - Payaso, Munting Paraiso, Ikot ng Mundo, and Pipeweed Of Hobbits, and Goldenthroat: The Electric Mistress, among them - that evoke visual enough to make Beggar's Moon sound like the soundtrack to some long - Lost film.

As the songs are kept coming as concerts, which also took the group and not only through Metro Manila, but throughout the country. Wherever they played, the team was able to force viewers to headbang to their heavy grooves, not mention get excited enough spectators to the spot with a band of wild array harmful components. But everything comes naturally play with the promotion of albums and songs, Razorback keep sweating it out on stage as often as possible
Since a lull in reading lead rusty hands.

Not only punish their perseverance paid off for them, as well Razorbacks have also won a reasonable dose of success. In addition to being among the most respected local groups, there is David winning the 1997 NU 107 Rock Award as Guitarist of the Year - an honor he shares with Tirso personally, nothing less - and win Louie's bass player Rock Year Award the following year. The mere fact that they remain under contract with Sony Music Philippines, which had released Beggar's Moon, shows enough of these guys' repute.

Which brings us to their latest round of explosives, 1998 album simply called "Star". Compared to the music on Beggar's Moon, Star's are shorter, more concise and simple rowk-a-rowl. As the cover photo suggests, the album is full of fresh licks, and pummeling rhythms and melodies that alternately shunning the speed limit or slower, sensually tread. From the outset, with the title song, down "Tunay na Kulay," "Love Inflatable Thing" "Firefly", et cetera, "Star" shows no mercy for the ears. Moreover, the third star single, "Voodoo, Who Do?" A not only a pleasant tone loss, it also has the coolest video ever made in the Philippines.

Nine years later, Razorbacks have indeed become stars Pinoy plane on the musical landscape, but they refuse to think. They prefer to be forever grateful rocking after all these years, counting both boys and girls of different ages, horizons, and even for the tastes of a public. Instead of being mindful of the situation, they would much rather amass as wide an audience as possible, playing as many faces and races in as many places as possible.

Notwithstanding all the hardworking and hard-rocking years, they have connected Razorbacks are still on the virtual road, on a path to the glory of the music. Razorback by visiting the website, but also by scoring all or part of the recordings of the group, and participating in them, whenever they are in your area, you join the group in the trip. Make sure they are happy to have you as well.

Greyhoundz Video Hits

Doble Kara

Party at 8:02



Your Puppet and Clown
(Live from Rakrakan)


Greyhoundz History Profile

It was during the late 90 when pop culture dominated by the social environment. De la mode with vilification, food to the music, it has been incorporated as all influenced by trends abroad. For the music scene, most bands played Top 40 hits and similar-sounding "originals. It was simply stereotyped.

During this decade came to an end, the entire Philippines music scene has been blown with a demo recording catch airplay in a radio station - it was NU107's In The Raw program where they have new and unsigned bands . "PIGFACE" was the title of the single and "GREYHOUNDZ" was the name of the artist. Brave, bold and aggressive, is the best way to describe both the song and the artist. Everyone who had the taste was shocked and bewildered about how to define what they had just heard. It was the first time in Philippine airwaves that the "type" of music was played. Public acceptance has been incredible, and the sound has been recognized as a new alternative.

The "New Metal" genre was created or how Greyhoundz fans and critics would say, the HU-POW movement. It was so powerful "Pigface" as it was spread across the stage. Now, the Pinoy eksena has a new son for the feast. Hordes and hordes of fans have been collected throughout the country, resulting in a number of followers gargantuan. The eksena really took off when Greyhoundz released their first album, 7 Corners Of Your Game in 1999. Sony Music released in the Philippines, this album is the raw and most powerful tracks still attractive. Songs like "Mr. PIG," "Leech" and "A Part 802" group displayed versatility in song writing. Heavy rock meets hip-hop - as we all know how the two clashed during standards. Needless to say he was Greyhoundz that filled the gap. The album also hit Platinum, making an evil Greyhoundz and heaviest band in the country.

In 2001, released their sophomore album Greyhoundz, also of Sony Music Philippines. This self-titled second LP has all the fans and the media expect just as well or even better album. For all, it was a maturity and development of their young brooding aggression of the first version. Songs like "Jack In The Box", "Hole" and "Your Puppet And Clown" became instant favorites. And as a twist of rabies and strong theme of the band, "Karmic?" Was a surprise tamed-favorite. Without mentioning "Even" making it in the movie Spider-Man music compilation, making the only artist Greyhoundz Asian to be included in an international project. And the fans grew…

Mid-year 2005, the "wave" has never ceased… "APOY" was released. Despite the untimely passing of a brother to join our Creator, Greyhoundz never stopped. The band even received more fuel all the difficulties, the joy, frustration and the positive energy they had. "Apoy" is dedicated to the same brother that followed, knowing that this was what he wanted to do the band… move forward and to do their best to be.

At present, Greyhoundz is still a force to be reckoned with, winning bragging rights back to the scene as a group respected. They also get as much attention as the "pop" band from corporate sponsors. Now, the big stigma is only one kind shared across the stage and industry. Many "rock" bands have sprouted, as aggressive as Greyhoundz how has it then. Fearless and ambitious that the group has been and is still…. That's how Greyhoundz do. And fans grow even larger…

Wolfgang's Video Hits


Mata Ng Diyos

Natutulog Kong Mundo

Giyang (with Razorback)


Message In A Bottle

Bought And Sold


Matter Of Time

Immigrant Song


What Grows In Your Garden

Whole Lotta Love

Hell Looks

She Sells Sanctuary W/ Jet Pangan

Concept Human

Very Free

Center Of The Sun

The Beginning of Wolfgang

The Philippines music scene is not a very attractive environment for the metal / hard rock, because it is dominated by solo artists sweet love songs and easy listening tunes. Wolfgang, however, has defied the odds to become one of the country's most popular and best-selling acts, his name synonymous with hard-driving riffs play group and precision.

Wolfgang formed around 1994. Vocalist Basti Artadi (born Sebastian), bassist Mon Legaspi (born Ramon), and drummer Wolf Gemora (born Leslie) started in other local groups and guitarist Manuel Legarda returned to the Philippines to live in Spain. So many music in the Philippines are strongly influenced by Western sources, Wolfgang took their cue from Metallica, Soundgarden, and Led Zeppelin, among others.

Wolfgang submitted demos of two original compositions, "Darkness Fell" and "Left Alone," local radio stations, which have generated many requests for the listener. The group signed with Def Tone, an independent label premises Ivoire Records. Wolfgang released his first album, Wolfgang, in 1995, at a time when the craze of rock, which began last year, was underway in the country.

At the NU107 Rock Awards 1995, the country of the first rock awards show, was nominated for Artadi singer of the year for Gemora drummer of the year, and Legarda Guitarist of the Year. The group was nominated for Artist of the Year and Best Live Act. Legarda was named co-winner of Guitarist of the Year.

The group signed in 1996 with a major label, Epic Sony Music Entertainment Philippines (SMEP). Wolfgang epic of the first version, Semenelin reached at least double-platinum status (80000 units sold - Wolfgang SMEP will not release specific figures, but does not allow him to say whether the album reached gold, platinum .. .). Wolfgang has become one of the most popular bands in the Philippines.

Semenelin was named album of the year at the 1996 NU107 Rock Awards, which won Artadi singer of the year, took Gemora drummer of the year, and the group was named Artist of the Year and Best Actor Live. Semenelin was released in the United States in an all-English version in March 1997, with two songs originally performed in Tagalog, the Philippines' national language, re-recorded in English. Other titles Semenelin were recorded in English.

Wurm was released in late 1997, and was a big, the more adventurous set, truly a landmark album which reached platinum status (40000 units). Sales lower than those obtained by Semenelin can perhaps be attributed in part to the decline in the rock movement, which began several years ago. This, however, does nothing to diminish the standard set by Wurm, who was appointed to the NU107 Rock Awards 1998 for Album of the Year, also won his second Artadi singer of the year, and winning Gemora Drummer of his second Year award, while the group took the honours of Listener's Choice and artist of the year.

Wurm, which was recorded entirely in English, was published in early 1998 in Japan, the second largest market for recorded music, and Wolfgang made several showcases in Japan to promote the album. Wolfgang his fourth album, Serving in Silence, was released in March 1999 at the local level, and saw a return to the style of 1996 includes Semenelin. Even if another critical and commercial success, he did not see the liberation.

Serve in silence was nominated for Album of the Year at NU107 Rock Awards 1999, as well as Best Album Packaging. Wolfgang was nominated for Artist / Group of the year, and the four band members were nominated for individual awards: Basti Artadi for Vocalist of the Year, Manuel Legarda for Guitarist of the Year, Monday Legaspi bassist for the year, and Wolf Gemora drummer of the year. In addition, Wolfgang was nominated for Producer of the Year. Serving in silence to tie for the first place for the album of the year, and won again Basti Artadi for Vocalist of the year, his third victory overall in this category. Wolfgang also won the Listener's Choice.

In February 2000, the excellent live album Soundcheck: Live Recordings, featuring Wolfgang and three other rock bands signed to Sony Music Entertainment Philippines, was released. For NU107 Rock Awards 2000, Basti Artadi was nominated once for Vocalist of the Year, Wolf Gemora for drummer of the year, Monday Legaspi bassist for the year, and Manuel Legarda for Guitarist of the Year. Basti Artadi won again for the singer of the year, the fourth time he has received that honor.

At the end of 2000, Wolfgang broadcast a live concert album, 9/30/2000 Acoustica, a beautiful series on the songs that have been recorded previously played in acoustics. Several guest artists, including guitarist David Aguirre of the local rock band Razorback, also participated. The album has reached gold status.

In April 2001, in conjunction with US-based music retailer Tower Records, volume, a compilation of material from Wolfgang her four studio albums, including its first series of Ivory Records, was released in stores Tower Records in the USA and Australia. Basti Artadi vocalist of participation in a side project with members of labelmateRazorback led to the release in August 2001 of an acoustic rock style album entitled, Brain Salad. Wolfgang its next studio album, Black Mantra, a double-album set, was released in August 2001 at the local level.

Parokya Ni Edgar's Video Hits




Doo Bi Doo

Don't Touch My Birdie

Martyr Nyebera


Maniwala Ka Sana






Inuman Na

Picha Pie

Lutong Bahay Cooking Ng Ina Mo

PAra Sa Yo

Mr. Suave

Slapshock Videos Hits

Agent Orange

Get Away

Wake Up




Queen Paranoia

The Beginning of Slapshock

Slapshock is one of the first bands rapmetal the Philippines. The group was signed in 1998, when the acts were rapmetal signed to the left and right by the majors. Six years in the business, it may be said that security is not Slapshock wildfire. To date, they are the only group among those who have been signed during this particular kind of boom, which is always visible and active. While most acts went to the "underground", Slapshock now has four albums to his name.

As the group entered the game rapmetal company members are influenced by a large number of rock sub-genres: Grunge, metal and glam, just to name a few. It was at the hearing Rage Against the Machine that all members of
Slapshock all connected at the same time and decided that yes, they want to do something as prolific as Rage.

Slapshock in their first album, "4th Degree Burn" was published in November 1999. "Agent Orange", the first single from the album, has a very crisp but always catchy rapmetal type. Follow-up singles, "Evil Clown" and "Sick curtain" proved Slapshock craft and talent.

Their second album, "Headtrip" proves there is no such thing as a sophomore jinx for
Slapshock. Released in 2001, "Headtrip" earned for the group Platinum award. With songs like "Get Away," "Shezzo Wicked" and "Purple, the band easily move away from the crowds, increasingly rapmetal.

With their third album, "Project 11/41," that the band earned commercial and critical acclaim. Four singles were released in the series, thus proving the strength and power of a song
Slapshock. Band released a remix album, "Back To The 2 inches," which contained creative and innovative remixes of their songs. known and respected local artists such as Raymund Marasigan (Eraserheads, Sandwich), Anton Ramos (Chillout Project series), and Rico Blanco (Rivermaya), collaborated with Slapshock.

This year,
Slapshock released their fourth studio album, "novena." The album displays an impressive growth among the musicians, as well as songs and the organization has matured. No longer caged in the "rapmetal" Slapshock explore different genres like Latin music and Japanese, a little reggae, and jazz as well.

It is difficult to remove a talented group and working hard as
Slapshock. Never negligent nor indulgence, the group continues to grow, experiment and mature. As such, Slapshock continues to make believers and fans of listeners regular and occasional public.

History of Parokya Ni Edgar

Parokya ni Edgar is a group that was formed in 1993 by a group of Ateneo de Manila High School students. The group is famous and more praise for his original songs rock novelty and often satirical songs famous hedges. With many in the music scene, he transcended musical genres, style varied from one to another - alternative rock pop rock, funk to rapcore, and so forth without leaving behind his trademark comic style to provide relief to their listeners.

Before Parokya Ni Edgar has been established they called themselves "Comic Relief", the band members were originally composed of three singers and two guitarists -
Alfonso "Chito" Miranda, Jr., Gabrielle Ignatius "Gab" Chee-Kee, Francis Vincent "Vinci" Montaner, a certain Miko and Jerick. Their after-school music jamming perfected their skills, to be worthy enough to merit the opening of a number Eraserheads concert. This "failure" made the band members decided to add a drummer and a bassist, enter Dindin Moreno and Buhawi Meneses. The same performance marked the change of name of the group Parokya ni Edgar. After high school, two of their members, and Jerick Miko pursues other interests and left the group. Far from being discouraged, the other band members invited to bend their guitarist Darius SemaƱa. (Lead vocals).