The Beginning of Slapshock

Slapshock is one of the first bands rapmetal the Philippines. The group was signed in 1998, when the acts were rapmetal signed to the left and right by the majors. Six years in the business, it may be said that security is not Slapshock wildfire. To date, they are the only group among those who have been signed during this particular kind of boom, which is always visible and active. While most acts went to the "underground", Slapshock now has four albums to his name.

As the group entered the game rapmetal company members are influenced by a large number of rock sub-genres: Grunge, metal and glam, just to name a few. It was at the hearing Rage Against the Machine that all members of
Slapshock all connected at the same time and decided that yes, they want to do something as prolific as Rage.

Slapshock in their first album, "4th Degree Burn" was published in November 1999. "Agent Orange", the first single from the album, has a very crisp but always catchy rapmetal type. Follow-up singles, "Evil Clown" and "Sick curtain" proved Slapshock craft and talent.

Their second album, "Headtrip" proves there is no such thing as a sophomore jinx for
Slapshock. Released in 2001, "Headtrip" earned for the group Platinum award. With songs like "Get Away," "Shezzo Wicked" and "Purple, the band easily move away from the crowds, increasingly rapmetal.

With their third album, "Project 11/41," that the band earned commercial and critical acclaim. Four singles were released in the series, thus proving the strength and power of a song
Slapshock. Band released a remix album, "Back To The 2 inches," which contained creative and innovative remixes of their songs. known and respected local artists such as Raymund Marasigan (Eraserheads, Sandwich), Anton Ramos (Chillout Project series), and Rico Blanco (Rivermaya), collaborated with Slapshock.

This year,
Slapshock released their fourth studio album, "novena." The album displays an impressive growth among the musicians, as well as songs and the organization has matured. No longer caged in the "rapmetal" Slapshock explore different genres like Latin music and Japanese, a little reggae, and jazz as well.

It is difficult to remove a talented group and working hard as
Slapshock. Never negligent nor indulgence, the group continues to grow, experiment and mature. As such, Slapshock continues to make believers and fans of listeners regular and occasional public.

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